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Shipping from China and Asia

Timely delivery of goods from Asia has long been the backbone of the business tens of thousands of Russian companies. It is with Asia Russia recently working on a huge number of areas, constantly expanding the scope of mutual economic interests. Accordingly, in this area runs a lot of carriers willing to offer their professional services. More specifically, the freight from China are the most developed branch, where there is a large number of logistics and transportation companies.

Of course, even if you think logically, all companies simply can not provide the same level of service and maintain a single pricing policy. Russia China freight market is divided into several sectors, each of which has its own rules. Most large companies prefer to work with major transport corporations every day to send thousands of tons of cargo. Typically, such "monsters" is simply not interested in working with medium and small customers.

Of course, the market has a lot of those artists who are willing to take on any order that promises even a minimal profit. However, here too, there are nuances: not all logistics companies have established business relationships with carriers, which leads to numerous problems. Delays of delivery, the disorder in the documentation, delays at customs - these are just some of the problems that occur when accessing untrusted transport organizations.

There is another group of performers, which also includes our company "Solo Logistics". The main difference between the members of this small group - the ability to not only ensure accurate delivery of goods, but also the presence of a constant readiness to assist our clients in all phases of the work. If speaking about the "Solo Logistics," we do not seek to cover the entire market, offering some incredibly cheap multimodal freight from Asia. Yes, quantify the amount of our work is increasing every year, yet we ensure that necessarily been met and maximum quality features.

Shipping from China with "Solo Logistics": How It Works

Once you contact our experts will immediately start to work on the application and study of the future of the route. Shipping from Asia can happen in two ways:

When you contact us, you can forget about the fact that such a long wait shipment, the problems with the carrier and other troubles. We carry out multimodal transportation is a long time, and have learned to plan the entire route in advance, immediately knowing who and how "intercept the baton" to the next stage of the European cargo delivery.

We would like to draw your attention that the price of freight from China and Asia in the company's "Solo Logistics" for a very long time kept at the ideal ratio "price - quality". We make no unexpected extra charges and do not include an expense unnecessary items. The entire budget for the shipping is completely transparent and can always be cross-checked by the customer. We do our best to make our customers feel really VIP-persons, for which we have always run the maximum possible.

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