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Shipping from USA and Canada

It is possible that you have come to our site is because you now need to find a reliable company that could provide quality and speedy transportation of the United States or Canada. You can be sure you're in the right place! We not only promise, as do many, but truly deliver on our promises. We are keen at multimodal transportation.

Our company "Solo Logistics" organizes the delivery of goods from the U.S. and Canada is not the first year for the work we've learned all there is to know about reliable multi-modal transportation. During the period that we are working in this market, we have completed many successful operations, established business contacts with reliable and responsible in the carriers.

When ordering a cargo transportation in our company, you can forget about any bad experiences, which you may have once had. The main thing that we always pay attention - the ability to not only quickly deliver the goods to the destination, but also to make sure that the owner did not experience any discomfort.

From the time of treatment to shipping container in place, the customer, our customers are always up to date and can be consulted on any issues. Even if you are interested in information about the topics are only indirectly related to our core activity, we will try to give you all the detailed information.

Honest pricing principle - is what distinguishes us from many companies. We do not seek to get the most out with the minimum of effort, but always try to provide a full range of high quality services for the money that we had paid. We have long been working on that would achieve the best value "price + quality." Today we can safely say that we have succeeded!

Typically, multi-modal transportation from the United States and Canada, there are two main scenarios:

Every company certainly has its advantages in the work that she is proud of. There are advantages and "Solo Logistics". We would certainly like to draw your attention to the advantages of working with our firm:

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