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    Грузоперевозки в Сербию под ключ - оптимальные цены, высокий уровень обслуживания. Звоните +7 (495) 78-257-78.

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    Доставим Ваш груз из Турции в любой регион России. Перевозки из Турции по оптимальной цене. С нами надежно, удобно и просто. Закажите машину прямо сейчас, позвоните нашему специалисту.

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    Наши цены ниже, чем у конкурентов. Мультимодальные перевозки - все лучшее для наших клиентов. Нам есть чем удивить владельца груза.

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    Мы предлагаем Вам Б Е С П Л А Т Н О оформить и задекларировать ваш груза в Финляндии, в системе "TULLI"

  • Замораживаем цены на перевозки.

    СОЛО это Стабильность - цена не меняется в течении года. Оптимальность - лучшее соотношение цена + качество. Логичность - все подчинено потребностям клиента. Обоснованность - мы даем только рыночные цены.

Cargo transportation from Austria

The company "Solo Logistics" was not used to make empty promises and offer a level of service which is not subsequently be able to provide. Even at the stage of acquaintance with our customers, we immediately say that the transport of goods from Austria and back - this is the direction where we can actually manifest itself only with the best. Yes, the turnover Austria - Russia today is not as great as many would have it, but still positive growth simply can not be mentioned. Wood products, appliances and machines, parts for light industry - this is only a very short list of goods which the company does Solo Logistics LLC.

European freight transport market is large and heterogeneous, working here as a very small company, and the real giants of the industry. Transportation Austria - Russia could be for you as providing easy task, and turn into a complex of problems to be solved - it all depends on what kind of company you contract for the implementation of such an important mission. We are not going to convince you that it is "Solo Logistics" is the market leader among all organizations engaged in trucking to Austria and back. And yet it is here you can find one of the best values for "price - quality", not only for the above mentioned direction but also for cargo delivery from Germany. Our chief pride is the transport of Russia to Austria - on this job site, our organization has made a really decent performance.

Transportation Austria - Russia from Solo Logistic LLC

The main advantage of our company is that the work will never become a routine for us. Yes, probably, in the world there are a lot of interesting businesses, but that transportation is an area where we want and, more importantly, can show their best side. Trucking from Austria and back - is one of the many areas where we have already managed to turn out the most convenient and effective scheme of action. Turning to us, you can be sure that:

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Естественно, выбор всегда остается за клиентом. Мы постарались максимально честно рассказать о том, почему с нами надежно и безопасно. Решать вам, но если вы все же обратитесь в «Соло Логистик» — это будет правильное и разумное решение! С нами перевозки ваших грузов пройдут как по нотам.